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Design of the 60 year anniversary stand for PPC with the aim of promoting its history and evolution as well as highlighting the human side of the largest electricity production company in Greece.


The search for the detail that visualizes the pleasure becomes painful when you insist on not using stereotypes. Alter Ego has approached us to develop the El Greco brand and its diverse packaging, with the goal of introducing a new e-liquid product to the market.


Labels and Ribbons has requested the design of a logo, package, brochure and exhibition space to promote its Print'o'kit brand; an innovative thermal transfer labels’ wrapping that incorporates the corresponding color ribbon. The interaction of a prototype robotics product with visual communication is the collision of two worlds. Two different concepts collaborate creatively, drawing their own boundaries between functionality and aesthetics.


The goal was to design a campaign for KRAFT paints and their products based on the colors of nature and how they apply to our daily lives.
Color is a dialogue with the subconscious. A constant dance of impulses that can even affect our mood. So lets find out how redemptive it can be when it is harmonized with nature, how intimate it is when inspired by life.


The goal in this project was to design a premium quality product, from scratch. The impressive quality of raw olive oil was a result of the revival of techniques that modern industry has eliminated as time-consuming. The challenge was to "visualize" the tasteful elegance of a product, which in itself is an element of culture.


The request from "Mitrosilis" was to design a corporate site, as well as packages for the plethora of its products. The challenge we encountered was the way we could focus on the freshness and the naturalness of the fruits without leading the viewer to saturation due to over-exposure. Simple lines, vibrancy and punctilious functionality will make it easy for the result to create a pleasant mood.


For Mediterranean Olive House we have created the brand Ladinio and premium packages of different oil varieties. The challenge of giving a pure product of Greek nature a distinct identity. Concentrate the features that respond to millennia of know-how, variety selection and gustatory exploration, while underlining in a Doric simplicity the allure of a myth.


We designed the visual communication of the touristic brand for the Municipality of Aegina. The combination of the history and the natural beauty of the island was the main source of our inspiration. The main element is the pistachio, Aegina's main commercial product for which it is famous all over the world.

Services and Awards

BAK Advertising SA is a creative company with a dynamic development in its field since 1995.

Staffed with young yet experienced professionals with their lively creative spirit after, admittedly, countless coffees and hard work, developing new directions in the field of corporate identity and advertising of products and services.

BAK invests in new technologies to produce and preserve our clients communication policies, and at the same time maintain a high standard of aesthetic completeness of its creative endeavours.

Every project is dealt with as a unique experience and challenge BAK continues where others have given up conceiving the idea that will make the difference.

2012: 77th Thessaloniki International Fair Best Exhibition Stand - Public Power Corporation (in collaboration with Doctors of the World)

2011: 76th Thessaloniki International Fair Best Exhibition Stand - Public Power Corporation (in collaboration with Doctors of the World)

2011: Golden Label Award - Athens 3rd Place Label Design - Ladinio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2010: 75th Thessaloniki International Fair Best Exhibition Stand - Public Power Corporation

2007: Infacoma - Thessaloniki Best Exhibition Stand - KRAFT paints

2003: Infosystem - Athens Best Exhibition Stand - B-logica





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